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Guess I'd better write something then...

Hello, and thank you – if you are reading this and you aren’t me, then you’re exactly what I need – a reader. I have created this website as a means of gathering more of you – readers, an audience, people who may one day be persuaded to pick up and read a book with my name on it. An author website, according to all the how-to publishing articles, advice forums and literary submission guidelines I have perused recently, is an integral tool in the process of becoming a published novelist. (It is also an excellent source of distraction when the powers of fate have conspired to place the burden of your own child's education into your highly incompetent hands. For the second time.)

If you've arrived here via my Facebook page or Insert Future Here, you'll know I'm no stranger to the blogging thing. That said, I've never actually owned my own website (apart from a luridly purple Cute Puppy Facts page created in year 8 IT, back in the days when making hyperlinks involved typing out actual HTML code and the internet made pained noises when you tried to connect to it). But anyway, here I am, navigating tabs, raking my memory back over the online journalism course I did 10 years ago to try and remember everything I can about SEO and wondering why I need to select a shipping region when I have no items in the online store I now apparently operate. I'm only grateful that the world of website design/creation has evolved enough in 20 years to enable someone like me to create one without having to input so much as a <> of coding.

So, to give a very brief explanation for my need for a website - I have been writing proper, complete novels for about six years* now. Over those years I've had just about enough encouragement from literary agents, competition judges and readers to justify carrying on, but not enough to actually achieve my dream of becoming published. My latest novel, The Girl with the Green Eyes, was long-listed for The Bridport Prize last year and an extract published in their prize anthology. My greatest ambition is to be a successful, published author, to see my books on the shelves of bookshops, supermarkets, airports and libraries as well as e-readers.

I will update this website as regularly as I can - news, blog posts, backstory, extracts, articles, creative writing. If it occurs, I will write it. I hope you will continue to read.

*I have also been working on and off as a freelance journalist and raising three kids. Just so you don't think I've been sitting here doing nothing else but writing novels and trying to get them published. If that were the case, I... well, I wouldn't like to say I'd definitely be further along with the whole publishing thing for risk of sounding like a self-horn-tooting-wanker, but... I'd definitely have more novels under my belt. And I'd have probably created my own website a lot sooner.

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