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Here comes book two...

It's been a busy few weeks in front of this 'ere computer. Having recovered from my Christmas break - which was rather more strenuous than it sounds due to my entire family coming down with that trendy new pandemic virus that's been going around - and the initial shock of being entrusted, once more, with the home-education (sorry, "remote learning") of my eldest, I decided that before attempting the edit of my roughly drafted book two, I would re-read Green Eyes again. A nice, simple task, thought I. Not much editing required, surely.

Boy, was I wrong. It's not that there were any crashingly obvious errors (apart from the tiny weeny little detail of a character using a phone the very chapter before the characters hunting her say it's been switched off for days. I blame modern society for that one. We are so enmeshed in the world of modern technology that we have our fictional characters using their phones willy nilly without us fully acknowledging that they are doing so. Yep, nothing to do with my shitty editing skills at all.) No, that minor plot error aside, there were only a few small things to change here and there, mostly to accommodate later plot points which will emerge in books two and three. I love a retrospective detail. That's one of the things that make the Harry Potter series great, in my opinion. I remember reading Prisoner of Azkaban at about 12 and then going back and re-reading Philosopher's Stone and thinking, "Wow, Sirius Black is mentioned right THERE at the VERY START. It's like she PLANNED THE WHOLE THING." H'anyway. That's the kind of trilogy I want this to be, where minor details are hinted in like book one chapter four, for example, about certain characters' possible psychic abilities, for example, but the whole thing is not fully explained until the very last chapter of book two. But once you read that, a whole lot of shit just clunks right into place and makes it all ten times more awesome. For example.

But I digress. One I finished my 420th read-through of Green Eyes, and absolutely did not change very much of it at all (except possibly somehow those extra 1000 words which made their way onto the word count) I began my first read-through of book two. The Lost Subject is its working title (I'm reluctant to give it the title permanently because it feels a little blah, but I do like the fact that it can apply to more than one character, just as there is more than one girl with green eyes in book one). It didn't take long before I was hooked. I mean, there was a fair bit of rough prose and a few tense oddities here and there (I write in a dual timeline, so I sometimes find switching between the past and present a little tricky) but overall, I really, really liked the story. I don't want to sound like a horn-tooting twat, I am the first to admit there is a lot of work to do on it still... But I found myself coming away from it at the end of each day obsessing over the world and the people within it, living for the moment when I could plunge back in (And hoping beyond all hopes that I am not the only person ever to do so).

I felt the same way when I first read Green Eyes. I'm starting to think the magic of that first read-through can never really be matched... I'm quite sad it's over, actually. Ah well. Onwards and upwards. One down, 419 to go...

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